Tomasz Mrozkiewicz is a 20 year old Polish illustrator currently living in the United Kingdom.

Tomasz specializes in creating etheral portraits with a haunting mood and atmosphere, often exploring emotions and expressions for his characters.

In addition to watercolours, Tomasz works with pencils, pens, acrylic, inks and often combines his traditional pieces with the digital medium such as Adobe Photoshop. Many of his works are influenced by graphic design and fashion.

In late 2016, at the age of 18 and after finishing high school, Tomasz decided to drop out from his pre-degree art course and instead, decided to continue the art journey by himself. Since then he creates personal works which he shares on his social media and can also be purchased in his shop. His work has been sold around the world and to private collector's who have a special connection to his pieces. In the meantime, Tomasz works on private projects and commissions. 

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